Alanita Art-Studio Rhythmic Gymnastics & Acrobatic gymnastics Leotards

Художественная гимнастика Дети

Tel. +7-928-370-7060
Skype: alanita2

Welcome! My name is Svetlana.
I design and make hand painted, rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatics competition leotards with applied Swarovski and Bohemia rhinestones, sequins and beads. I make competition costumes that fit any budget and dreams.

My leotards range from moderately priced ‘made to measure’ to unique custom-designed luxury leotards. All my costumes are from the highest quality stretch fabric and after being used for many years still look like new. Each leotard is tailored to individual measurements and meets all international ethical and other requirements to rhythmic gymnastics leotards.

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