Alanita Art-Studio Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotards

Художественная гимнастика Дети

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How to Order.

Minimum price for rhythmic gymnastics hand-painted leotard with at least 1,300 applied Swarovski rhinestones is $380 (for girls with height up to 125 cm, chest - up to 50 cm and torso - up to 100 cm) or $400 (for taller girls, or girls with higher body measurements).For girls with the torso of 145 cm -$450.Leotard made from lace is $50 more. Minimum price for acrobatics leotard is $380-450 (Depends on the size and design) with 1,300-1800 Swarovski crystals. Acrobatic leotard made from lace is $50 more. Boys acrobatic Minimum price for unitard is $400-550 with 1,500-2.500 Swarovski rhinestones.

Ordering Process:
Please e-mail your request with the description of a leotard that you desire, the measurements and your full contact information. On receipt of your request, we  respond to questions. We also provide the design (including fabrics, color choices and rhinestones selection) and costs for your approval. When the proposed design and costs meet your approval, we start making a leotard for you.

Please, note: no advance payment is required. You make the payment when your leotard is ready to be shipped.  

As soon as your order is complete (normally 15-30 days depends on the season) we e-mail you the confirmation and ask to verify that the shipping address and your name are correct. As soon as we receive your payment we ship you the leotard. 

Payment Options:
Western Union end MoneyGram systems are preferred.

Shipping and handling:
  Russian Postal Services, First Class Air (15-30 days) - free
Express Mail Service (10 – 15 days) - from $65

Return Policy:
  In-Stock leotards can be returned within 10 days of delivery, if unused. Return authorization by e-mail is required. 15% of the price (or minimum $50) will be subtracted from your refund to partially cover our shipping,  handling and money transfer costs. Leotards made to your specifications and individual measurements cannot be returned.